Hancock St. House 20×30


This is a first floor I designed for a renovation of a small house T and I were thinking of buying. I was thinking that somehow we might be able to put the small current house on top of this plan but now I think it would be better to just pop the roof up. I am thinking of doing a new plan for that. Before I changed my mind, I was contemplating switching the dining/kitchen with the living room so that the kitchen would have access to the back yard.


A little frog waiting to become a handsome princess


28x38ft House

Wonderful housesmall

I absolutely adore this new house- I can just imagine first coming in and seeing the lovely french doors and the garden beyond. I also really like rooms to be cul-de-sacs so that every room is easy to get to and once you are in a room it feels relaxed and settled.

I haven’t done the second story as of yet- I think I feel like all the work is figuring out the first floor but I am sure that I would have a second story I really liked if I spent more time on it!