New T House and thoughts on wood bins

New T house 1st floor

I decided it would be nice to have the entry nearer the kitchen and this would also make the guest room/office feel a little quieter than when it was right off the entry. Some things I love about this house: a big entry with the kitchen and living right off of it; stairs and closet near the entry; central fireplace;  the kitchen/dining on the east side (I like sun in the morning); windows on three sides in the living room; a greenhouse for growing greens in the winter (yum!); two courtyard gardens and a huge porch on the front.

I have also decided that I officially LOVE heating with wood. Not entirely with wood, because I want to go away on a vacation in the winter without my pipes freezing. But yes, most of the time, I just don’t feel comfortable unless I am heating with wood. I am either too hot or too cold and continuously having to adjust the thermostat when, if I were heating with wood, I could just move into the zone that fits my current heat needs. I think I heard somewhere that humans don’t actually like just one temperature, but feel most comfortable in a continuum, and that is certainly true with me. But then, I grew up with a wood stove so I like them. I think the perfect heating choice is something automatic set to around fifty to fill in when you don’t feel like lugging in wood and some sort of wood stove with a nice big wood bin very close by. In this house, the wood bin is right near the entry and that’s nice because I hate making a huge mess when I bring the wood in (lets face it, wood just sheds).

In some of my house designs, I put a airlock to the outside on my indoor wood bin. It’s the ultimate in luxury and organizational genius (in my not so humble opinion), but having the wood bin near the front door is a very ok second best. Especially since it means that the wood pile is also near the front door. I just fantasize about pick up an arm load of wood every time I come in the house from the car! Ok, so I’ll have to wait until E gets a little older for that fantasy- I seem to always have a million things to carry in from the car at the moment. Also perhaps there is something twistedly puritanical about fantasizing about perfection in woodbins.


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