Singing to the pets in an empty house

I found myself dancing around our almost empty house singing Inspector Gadget in sultry tones. And I realized at that moment I was absolutely positively happy. Well yes, doom may be coming but today we are happy. Yes, we are. (That is the royal “we”, not the mental patient “we” in case you couldn’t guess.) We have a pet fence going into our new house today and T & E slept over there last night so they wouldn’t have to drive over to be there at 8 am. They slept on the futon mattress that goes under E’s gymnastics bar since the beds haven’t been moved yet. I think both of them were thrilled at the camping out feel to it and spent quite a bit of time discussing whether or not the couches wouldn’t be better. We currently have a temporary plethora of couches since I found the most fabulous couch in the world at the Restore. For $18. And so comfy you could sleep on it. And did they? Inquiring minds want to know. I am thinking of going over now before work to have breakfast with them, hear the tale of the night and witness the arrival of the fence. Yes, I am definitely happy.

What is the reason for the outbreak in unforeseen gaiety? Could it be the four hours of sleep I had last night? Nay, my dear reader, it is the purchase of one 1800’s duplex on .115 acres of land on a quiet town street but within easy walking distance from the library, our favorite pet store, the natural food store, the pool, the park and a fabulous glass blowing studio. We are getting out of our cars, my friend! No more “car schooling” for these home schoolers, we are now officially “town schooling”.

60 Pine

Sadly, perhaps caving to silly level headed concerns about the house and it’s foundation, the tree to the left of the house is no longer in the picture.

But if I am going to get there in time I must leave now. And if anyone know the rest of the Inspector Gadget libretto- I should probably get beyond “Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum- Inspector Gadget! Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, woo-hoo!” if I am not to drive T & E absolutely batty. Ah, what the heck! I have places to go!




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