House in a Hill II Upstairs


This is the second story for House in a Hill II. I think I would like the porch from the inside but I don’t think I like it visually from the outside. See the little sketch of the outside (see bottom right of the image). I like the bedrooms and bathroom configurations.


House in a Hill III


Another version of the house in a hill in which I return the bedroom to off the entry hall so it can be near the bathroom. This resolves some issues with the french door and proximity of the dining room to the kitchen. And it adds a little office to the end. But I am not sure I like it… I have found using space most efficiently doesn’t always make the most pleasing layout to a house. But I am not sure why yet. I think that the fact that the fireplace is so far from the seating is a real problem but I don’t want the bulk of the fireplace to be in the light of the french doors. I lived in a house that you could see through to the backyard when you came in the front door and it was very pleasing.  But the backyard was small and enclosed so perhaps seeing into didn’t take away from the sheltering feeling of the house.

Oops, I just realized that I colored in the counter to the right of the stove so it makes it look like a wall- that is not a wall, it’s a counter.

House in a Hill II


I just redid the House in a Hill to try and play with putting the kitchen by the front door where T likes it. He likes to come in and put the groceries right down. I love the kitchen, the bathroom, the stairs, the living room couch setup and how close it is to the fireplace and the outside. I love how much storage there is. What I don’t love is how far the downstairs bedroom is from the bathroom, the placement of the french doors in relation to the couches and there is something odd in the relationship between the dining room and the kitchen. I like it but I don’t.  I love the firewood airlock. I did an upstairs but I am not sure about the porch at the end…

A House in a Hill

When I designed the first story of this house I was thinking about the advantages (and disadvantages) of underground houses. While not actually underground, this house is set in a hillside for the warmth, so useful in this cold climate I live in, while still being open on three sides for plenty of light.
What did I end up liking the best about this plan? The outside porches and the way it seems all tucked away! The thing I liked least was the huge long living room at the end but that would be very nice for parties…